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Aware. Engaged.
High Performing.

Transform yourself and your team by developing real time transformational skills that create long term, high impact organizational change.


Intention. Pause.
Acceptance. Change.

Open your heart and mind, and set your intention. I’ll listen in a way you’ve never experienced. You’ll be given home practices. One small thing at a time. Experience change.


Awareness. Compassion.

We see from where we stand.

Learn this powerful, exquisite map of self-awareness and interpersonal awareness.

Discover the habitual patterns and core emotions that drive your basic need for safety and security, power and control, affection and esteem,

It’s not what you do. It’s why you do it.


Centered. Grounded.

“Spiritual” means different things to different people.

For me, it means being centered and grounded enough to:

  • Open yourself to gratitude for your life as it is.
  • Forgive which is about dissolving resentment.
  • Live with an ability to be wholehearted which is about being honest about who you are.
  • Develop compassion and empathy which in these times, may just mean the survival of our species. 

These spiritual qualities have health benefits. Even more, they offer a much more satisfying way of living and being in relationship. 

All of these are far easier said than done. This is where Spiritual Guidance comes in.

It is designed to intentionally create space for you to PAUSE and step into the more tender, subtle dimension of yourself which is discoverable when you have time for quiet and someone listens to you reflectively.

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