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You provide your business’ unique skillset. I serve as a facilitator and catalyst to help you transform yourself and your team. Your workplace culture is its own dynamic and changing force field. You need to be aware of the multiple elements affecting whether you are living and delivering your mission and vision.

I offer you a compelling guided tour of the unconscious biases, assumptions and dynamics impacting your team. I’ll teach ways you and your team can manage yourselves when the stakes are high.

Employer/Employee Engagement Workshops. Retreats. Project Consulting. Executive Coaching.

Aware. Engaged. High Performing.

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We see from where we stand.

Learn this powerful, exquisite map of self-awareness and interpersonal awareness.

Awareness. Compassion. Transformation.

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Wholehearted living.

Open your heart and your mind. Now set your intention. I’ll listen in a way you’ve never experienced. But we won’t stop there. You’ll be given home practices. One small thing at a time. Experience the change.

Coaching. Enneagram Typing Interview. Spiritual Guidance. Enneagram Master Class. Breathing Spaces Groups.

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Intention. Pause. Acceptance. Change.


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Contact us for more information about corporate retreats, workshops, executive coaching, private coaching, Breathing Spaces groups.

Address: 4412 Carver Woods Dr., #204 Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

Phone: 513-378-3456 (Sue Jones, Administrator)

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