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A 3 Centered Approach for developing Presence in relationships


The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.    Esther Perel


Friday, October 7 2022 9AM-5PM


The Pavilion
Jesuit Spiritual Center 

daiEnneagram isn’t the first thing. It’s the second thing.
The first thing is our lives and the relationships that matter to us. 
Our Enneagram patterns 

In daily life and relationship, we   we turn towards our core Enneagram avoidances because avoiding reality depletes our energy and impedes our capacity to be alive and PRESENT in our life force. 
A 1 avoids the very imperfect world and expends endless energy trying to control what can’t be changed until they nosedive into the vulnerable sadness of an imperfect world.

A 2 avoids their needs only for so long until their body (or others) says “no.”

A 3 avoids feelings and the terror of failure through habitual doing until unconscious feelings sneak in and unmoor their identity. 

A 4 avoids the wholeness of the ordinary present moment in their body until the emotional highs and lows disconnect them from their own inner ground.

A 5 avoids the feelings of inadequacy, emptiness that come with engaging the world until the inner dryness drains life force. 

A 6 avoids the fear of helplessness by hiding, procrastinating or opposing the very people they count on until the mental doubt drains their life force energy and alienates them from their own energetic inner power and authority.

A 7 avoids limits and the pain of reality by fantasizing and frenetically escaping the present moment until their talking, escape valves and excessive planning actually depletes their life force evoking surprising grief and anger. 

An 8 denies  vulnerability until they can learn to be present to the way they power through “my way or the highway” thinking at the expense of themselves and others.   

A 9 avoid discomfort and conflict and numb their energy by distracting and dissociating until their avoidance causes them to lose the very connection(s) to the life energies that sustains them.

Our Enneagram avoidances are a huge expenditure of energy that impedes our aliveness. 

When 2020 shocked our system, all the things that we used to shore up our identity didn’t work:

A fixation on work, emphasis on image and pretending we have control.

It’s like we all got real.

I wanted to bring thoughtful people together to recalibrate for these remarkable times. I’ve seen the power of listening to the experience of other human beings. 

The 3 Core Components of the Workshop:
Insight, Practice and Narrative Panels

  1. INSIGHT: We start with INSIGHT. We learn about emotions and the Enneagram along with the gifts and challenges of each of these centers and reflect on how they show up in our relationships. 


  2. PRACTICE: Self-awareness only goes so far.  Every bit of research says that  PRACTICE is non-negotiable if we are to sustain new insights under pressure. Why? PRACTICE includes building capacity to self manage under pressure in the heart and body and return to Presence in relationships with ourselves and others.


    Leslie’s speciality is teaching and designing practices to be integrated in all 3 of your Centers: Head, Heart and Body. These practices begin with the Pause especially when the stakes are high and you “go on automatic” in difficult interactions.


  3. PANELS:  It still feels new to get together. Yet, I’m more convinced than ever that the world needs intentional people to come together. The insights and vulnerability of my clients and other intentional people that have shaped me profoundly in the last 3 years


What others say:


I want to express my deep appreciation for your teaching. I especially love your deep respect for each person who speaks but especially so for those who shared on the panel.

Your gentleness with an instrument like the Enneagram that can be used to invoke shame or guilt is really inspirational.
Susan Smith, Hive class

Leslie is both warm hearted, and thoughtful in her teaching and coaching. I have witnessed her depth of knowledge, teaching skill, and awareness. I consider her a brilliant teacher and life coach. Her insight into the fundamentals of their personal and spiritual development makes her teaching especially poignant. I recommend her highly. You will benefit from your experience with her.
David Daniels, M.D., co-founder of the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) and Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford Medical School

Leslie’s presentation impressed me deeply because of its integrative focus and clarity. I have come to understand and admire Leslie’s very deep and very broad perspective on spiritual pursuits and practice. I have also come to know what a gifted, patient, and generous teacher she is.
Jack Killen, Director of the Office of International Health Research (OIHR), National Institute of Health, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

What drew me to Leslie on YouTube was her compassionate, non-judgmental approach and her intelligence. She clearly knew her stuff!  I had been blocked for several years regarding a particular project, but as Leslie astutely observed, the block was about much more than my project.

Through a process of deep listening and intuitively sensing what tools and practices might help me, she guided me in a process of being present to my experience which led to a profound internal shift. As I continue to practice daily what she has taught me, I am happy to report that the block is dissolving little by little. As someone who had been stuck for years, this is quite remarkable.

She’s a wise, skillful counsellor with a great sense of humour and you will come away the richer for it.
Marianne, Australia


So many tell us they wished they’d known what a big role the body plays in the development of our type as they may not have beaten themselves up so hard for doing the same thing again and again.

Our bodies have somatic contraction (clench) against your FEELING life force (virs) when we are under stress! 

The good news is your body has wisdom! Somatic practices bring you into deeper contact with our body’s feeling state in the present moment. Leslie’s clients attest to the power of body awareness and practice.


We have a core human need for connection to support well being. The development of your Enneagram EMOTIONAL habit develops as a response to the people and the world around you.

Heart centered practices are designed to help you deepen attunement with yourself and others.

We don’t grow in a vacuum. We need one another.

Give yourself the gift of being with people in a rich, supportive learning environment.



The generalizing tendency of your Enneagram attention patterns happens quickly in your head. Unfortunately, your Head Center is the LEAST RELIABLE center as it moves so fast and doesn’t incorporate the other two centers.

Head centered practices are designed to increase clarity and intuitive perception unfettered by the habits of our type.

Collective Awareness

New to Leslie’s Enneagram work is an exploration of
COLLECTIVE AWARENESS which includes dimensions that impact your self-identity like family of origin, friendship, social isolation, culture, gender and race and social systems.

“Do not ignore pain.
Give it purpose.
Use it.

“There is always light. If only we’re brave enough to see it.

If only we’re brave enough to be it.” 

Amanda Gorman

Anais Nin Quote

 The pandemic, the polarized political climate and research on the layers and impact of both individual and collective trauma have awakened us to the reality that we are deeply interconnected and shaped by the world around us.

In my Enneagram guidance practice, the external world is pressing in on our sessions.I realized more than ever before how individual healing is deeply bound in collective healing.

We have invited a panel of people in diverse areas who eloquently speak to the power of including this collective dimension of our inner work.

This is not an introductory retreat. To ensure a rich learning experience, we request that all participants have working knowledge of their Enneagram type.

Specifically, this means:

  • You have an Inner Observer and can observe the patterns of your type in the present moment.
  • You are developing the ability to pause and notice when you are going on “automatic.”
  • You have had Enneagram training in a formal program or through classes and/or multiple sessions with Leslie Hershberger or other certified teacher/facilitator.
Anais Nin Quote

Deepening self-awareness doesn’t happen in isolation.

Engage the Enneagram with others in a rich, supportive, learning environment through participation in a retreat that offers you the opportunity to explore your inner landscapes and learn from others.

Frequently Asked Questions


Participants can expect a full 3 day in person retreat designed for inner transformation and collective wisdom through present centered listening to other people.

This means it includes teachings, inner practice, dyads, type groups, panels and time for digestion and contemplation.


Jesuit Spiritual CenterThe peaceful campus of the Jesuit Spiritual Center spreads over 37 park-like acres overlooking the Little Miami River, and is located a thirty-minute drive east of Cincinnati. It is 5 minutes from Leslie’s office and it has been the location of countless of her Panel Days and retreats.
You can walk the labyrinth, reflect, do yoga, walk with other participants, listen to the gentle flow of the river. 


  • An optional online WELCOMING EVENT prior to the retreat
  • The 3-day RETREAT
  • LUNCH at the retreat location: The Schott Pavilion at the Jesuit Spiritual Center in Milford, Ohio, 30 minute drive east of Cincinnati, Ohio
  • The COMMUNAL DINNER on Saturday evening catered by Chef Jeffrey Miller
  • Access to the 37 PARK LIKE ACRES, the meditation chapel and the walking LABYRINTH overlooking the scenic Little Miami River
  • MORNING YOGA with Sarah Pritts
  • Learning MATERIALS
  • Leslie’s CENTERS COURSE  ($200 value): to prepare for the retreat, we ask that you listen to or watch 90 minutes of foundational modules in The Centers Approach online course.
  • SCHOLARSHIP FUND for scholarship participants

Not included:

  • Overnight Accommodations: out of towners will receive a list of local accommodations close to the retreat center.
  • Optional follow-on group facilitator fees
  • Optional follow on teaching and inner practice online webinars with Leslie


No, Leslie believes that inner transformation isn’t something that can be certified. This retreat calls us into our own agency and inner work. We grow together.
It is for you as you are part of a larger whole.  As we grow as human beings, it is in service of ourselves and others in the world of love and work.


We will issue refunds (minus a 5% administrative fee) that are requested 31 days or more before a retreat start date. When the participant cancels 30 days or less before the event, the participant can transfer credit to a future event. No refunds will be issued within 30 days of a retreat.

Why? There is extensive administrative work and deposits required for an event like this. We are committed to paying our hosts and suppliers a fair wage and if you cancel, we want to have time to offer an opening to others who may be interested in order to ensure our costs are covered.  

About Your Facilitators

Leslie Hershberger

Leslie Hershberger

Leslie Hershberger: is a teacher, facilitator, business coach/consultant and spiritual guide who integrates the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition, three centered contemplative practice and Integral theory to help people and groups understand themselves, others and the world through a deeper, more expansive lens.

She created the internationally popular web course, Coming Home with Ken Wilber and David Riordan of Integral Life and a web course, Between You and Love which focuses on the spiritual dimension of the Enneagram and and facilitated the Integral Enneagram web course, Compassionate Presence, with Helen Palmer, Terry Saracino and Renee Rosario, core faculty of  The Narrative Enneagram.

She co-designed The Foundations of the Enneagram: The Centers Approach Course which is both a deep and practical way of developing emotional and social intelligence.

In 2005, she founded Integral Women of Greater Cincinnati which served people moving through stages of faith by integrating wisdom from the great traditions, the Enneagram and spiritual practice.

She was the Enneagram facilitator for Integral Recovery, worked in faciltation training for the skilled facilitators in the Off the Streets program with women moving through prostitution and addiction.

Leslie has worked with workers and business leaders for 15 years as a consultant, teacher, facilitator and coach.

She served on the board of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition and the  International Enneagram Association from 2014-2019.

In 2019, she was awarded the Anna E. and William F. Madges Award for distinguished contribution to society.

Dr. Sarah Pritts

Dr. Sarah Pritts

Dr. Sarah Pritts joins us as we deepen our focus on embodiment practice. Sarah brings a variety of diverse experiences and perspectives to the table. Professionally, Sarah is a board-certified Family Physician, with 15 years of clinical experience.

She has also been active in medical education for twenty years, having taught clinical skills to all levels of medical students at the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine.

In addition, Sarah has been a yoga practitioner and teacher for nearly two decades. More recently, Sarah has just completed a master’s degree in theology at Xavier University.

Her breadth and depth of experience with both spiritual practices and western medicine give her a unique perspective as we delve into the topic of embodiment, and the exploration of the physical experiences of our emotions in our most important relationships.

Enneagram Wisdom Retreat: October, 2022

You can pay in full or in installments.

If you have financial limitations yet would like to attend the retreat, please reach out to Sue Jones for information on scholarships: [email protected]

Enneagram 3 Centered Collective Wisdom Retreat
Personalizing Your Enneagram Map: Insight, Practice and Community
It is recommended you register early as we only have space for 40 people given the focus of the retreat.

Please note that participants of the in-person retreat must be fully vaccinated and ready to provide proof of vaccination.


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