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Transform Your Team:
Getting Started

Regardless of your or your organization’s function and focus, it comes down to people and relationships when considering a “day in the life” at work. 

A leader needs to influence, manage change, communicate effectively and transparently, understand how different kinds of people work and live, deliver results. Some of this is natural AND some of it can be learned.

Employees need to be engaged in a lively work culture and feel like their voices matter and that employee engagement seminars are tied tangibly to their professional and personal success and well-being. 

There is not a one size fits all model for employee engagement and leadership. Every person and team is different with different moving parts.

Our offerings have been created with this in mind. Here are some of your options to transform your team:

Level 1 Training Modules:

1. Awareness and Communication: Our Intro Workshop
2. Giving and Receiving Quality Feedback

Level 2 Training Modules:

1. Transformative Conflict Resolution
2. Team Development
3. Transformative Leadership

Personalized Workshops for Your Team

Sometimes, your team has distinct issues where you need some extra personalization. We work with you in order to assess your specific needs and desired outcomes and we create a workshop for you.

Project Consulting

Research shows the most effective way to sustain change is to bring the learning to work. In person or over Skype, Leslie meets with you and your team after the workshop as you work on a project and she helps you ground your new awarenesses as you practice different behaviors and interactions. 

Workshops/Retreats for Your EO, Vistage or YPO Group

Let us offer a transformative growth or leadership workshop or retreat for your CEO forum (EO, Vistage and YPOs). One CEOs wrote after experiencing one of our two day workshops at a retreat in the mountains:


I was totally blown away by what I learned and experienced! Leslie, thanks for guiding us through this transformative experience. One of the top 5 experiences in my 43 years.


Executive Coaching 

Development is a continual process and ongoing agreement to listen, solicit and reflect on honest feedback is critical importance to sustaining change. This is the difference between a “quick fix” and meaningful, lasting transformation.


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