A 7 session hybrid class beginning November 2023 spread out over 3 months for people in a the middle of a time of change, uncertainty and transition.
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The Enneagram

Explore this powerful system for understanding yourself and others. Learn the structure, patterns of energy and dynamics of 9 personality types.

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Team Transformation
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Compassion and connection through self and interpersonal awareness.

Enneagram Typing

Discover your Enneagram style:
as the first step in team transformation, four private coaching sessions with Leslie, or as a single typing session.

Living Enneagram

Learn more about this powerful map of
self-awareness and interpersonal awareness.


Learn more about our process for transforming yourself and your team.

Foundations of the Enneagram

The Centers Approach

Online enneagram Course

A Self-Paced Course born in Leslie's 20+ years of experience working with people learning how to listen, how to better understand and how to respond using the power of the
Enneagram and the Centers.

with Master Teacher Leslie Hershberger 


I originally sought out Leslie to find out more about my Enneagram type. Little did I know what I actually yearned for was spiritual meaning and that our work together would set me on a path to self-transformation. Leslie’s compassionate coaching and loving presence have helped me grow in ways I never expected. During each session, she creates a safe space for me to explore my vulnerability—the gateway to intimacy. As a result I’m able to connect with others and myself in a way that feels authentic and deeply satisfying. Leslie’s soul-centered approach to the Enneagram is perfectly suited to anyone who feels called to dive deep and discover the person they were born to be.
Christina M.


The best word I can find to describe Leslie Hershberger’s way of working with teams is the word ‘catalyst.’ She has a very rare skillset way beyond training and facilitating both of which she does superbly. But there are a quite a few good trainers and facilitators ‘out there’. Leslie is very different in that her method might be described as an intervention into the mix of a team’s dynamics or energies. Her method precipitates collective team awareness. Team members discover how they are operating as a team. The result for the team is the ability to identify its own performance drivers and blockers and rapidly adopt those behaviors that result in breakthrough performance. Hence the word ‘catalyst’. She is quite something to watch. I have found working with Leslie personally transformative as well.
Dr. Jim Hever

The Ohten Group, Cambridge, UK

Leslie is both warm hearted, and thoughtful in her teaching and coaching. I have witnessed her depth of knowledge, teaching skill, and awareness. I consider her a brilliant teacher and life coach. Her insight into the fundamentals of their personal and spiritual development makes her teaching especially poignant. I recommend her highly. You will benefit from your experience with her.
David Daniels, M.D.

co-founder of the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP) and Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford Medical School

Leslie’s presentation impressed me deeply because of its integrative focus and clarity. I have come to understand and admire Leslie’s very deep and very broad perspective on spiritual pursuits and practice. I have also come to know what a gifted, patient, and generous teacher she is.
Jack Killen

Director of the Office of International Health Research (OIHR), National Institute of Health, National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Difficult Conversations

Difficult Conversations

Conversational intelligence impacts your relationships. So why do we avoid them so frequently? The Enneagram is helpful in understanding our tendencies.

Is your Enneagram content Entertainment, Information or Transformation?

Is your Enneagram content Entertainment, Information or Transformation?

Enneagram memes and videos make me laugh (and cringe). The cringe is from this work for over 20 years and seeing a dramatic increase in people who come to their sessions mistyped and misinformed. 
We have to do a lot of “unlearning.” I like to make distinctions with people new to the Enneagram between Entertainment, Information and Transformation:

Meet Niki Pappas, Our New Enneagram Typing Associate!

Meet Niki Pappas, Our New Enneagram Typing Associate!

The transformative work of the Enneagram is most effective when you know your type.  With an abundance of Enneagram content in today's feeds, inaccurate online Enneagram tests, look-alike types, and individual experiences, one of the best ways to discover your type is...

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