3 Centered Wisdom as you stand at a Threshold

One cannot live the afternoon of life according to the program of life’s morning; for what was great in the morning will be of little importance in the evening, and what in the morning was true will at evening become a lie.             — C. G. Jung

There are moment in our lives when we find ourselves standing at a threshold. These thresholds are a portal of entry to changing, evolving and sometimes painful realities that have much to reveal to us. Our work here is to support you on these thresholds and tap into vibrant, embodied wisdom cultivated through a cycle of life learning, practice and integration.  We warmly invite your whole being – mind, heart, and body – in diverse environments, from solitary quietude to individual or group sessions. 

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Standing At the Threshold Groups


Join us for the next Thresholds class a transformative 6-week program from April to June, 2024, that delves into the practices of Embodiment—a burgeoning field in emotional self-awareness, relationship awareness, and spiritual insight.

Hosted by Leslie and Sarah Pritts, MD. PhD,  this class is designed to help you navigate times of change and uncertainty, enhance your resilience and aliveness, and better understand your responses to life’s challenges.

The class offers both an in-person cohort in Ohio and an online option, making it accessible for everyone.

Participants will engage in practices that promote a deeper connection with their bodies, enabling a richer understanding of their emotions and experiences.

No prior knowledge of embodiment is required, making this retreat suitable for all seeking to cultivate a more mindful and embodied presence in their lives.
Learn. Pause. Practice.

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Leslie is a master. She’s a wonderful teacher and gets in the zone with my students. She’s humorous, extremely articulate, can speak from many perspectives and creates an environment for people to show up and learn. She’s not all fluff and presentation. She has a real depth of experience and knowledge. She’s the best of her generation out there.

John Dupuy

CEO of Integral Recovery® and iAwake Technologies

Leslie is both warm hearted, and thoughtful in her teaching and coaching. I have witnessed her depth of knowledge, teaching skill, and awareness. I consider her a brilliant teacher and guide. Her insight into the fundamentals of their personal and spiritual development makes her teaching especially poignant. I recommend her highly. You will benefit from your experience with her.

David Daniels, M.D.

co-founder of the Narrative Enneagram and Clinical Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Stanford Medical School

Leslie is solidly committed to her own journey to “walk her talk.”  I have personally witnessed and admire her capacity to pause, reflect, and grow through difficult encounters.

I have also witnessed her incredible energy and commitment to bringing this work to the world. She is an innovator of the finest degree and has made many original contributions to the field of Enneagram study. She weaves the Enneagram with Integral theory, neuroscience and other relevant modalities.

Leslie is a gift to the worldwide Enneagram community.

Terry Saracino

Founding President and Core Faculty, Narrative Enneagram

Letting go of your idealized Enneagram persona

Letting go of your idealized Enneagram persona

It may be stretch that we have to pray for a humiliation a day. It comes on its own unbidden. The question is, will we see it or will we work quickly to rationalize or defend against it? Will we make space for the emotions it elicits? Will we feel it in our bodies? ⁣⁣...

What is this time in your life asking of you?

What is this time in your life asking of you?

In the 2nd half of life, rather than unconsciously giving into cultural “anti-aging,” or the tendency to “other” those we are hurt by, we can turn inward and see the Enneagram patterns that live in us: When our idealized persona (3) cracked. When our shadow (6)...

Be careful of simplistic Enneagram prescriptions

Be careful of simplistic Enneagram prescriptions

We can’t write a prescription based on the arrows for each Enneagram type as in “Enneagram 6 goes to Enneagram 9 in order to be "healthy" or Enneagram 4 needs to "go to" Enneagram 1.” It’s not how it works. We're too different based on factors like culture,...

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