Contemplative Pause Practices


The Welcoming Practice


Heart Coherence

If you’re feeling shut down and hardened, Heart Coherence practice supports softening your heart to yourself and others. Numerous studies have shown that heart coherence is an optimal physiological state associated with increased cognitive function, self-regulatory capacity, emotional stability and resilience.

Heart Coherence Audio:


Embodiment Practice

Any time you have a stressful event or conversation, your body reacts. Your jaw may tighten, neck gets stiff, solar plexus fires with anxiety. This practice is counterintuitive in that rather than avoid the discomfort, you drop into the center of it. You may feel nothing at all…this is normal. We aren’t conditioned to feel sensation in our body. (I had no idea what people were talking about when they first asked me to feel these sensations in my body). With time, you begin to learn to notice your body and it can be an excellent resource.




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