1:1 Sessions with Leslie


Personal and Spiritual guidance is a process of deep listening and attunement to the subtle dimensions of your life that often go unnoticed in the busyness of everyday routines.

It involves tapping into your innate wisdom and learning to Pause and truly listen to the different aspects of your being – your mind, emotions, body, spirit, and energy.

This practice becomes especially vital during times of transition, which can initially feel destabilizing and are often disregarded by society.

Instead of avoiding or numbing these thresholds, in this work with Leslie Hershberger, you are encouraged to courageously face them and discover what this phase of your life is asking of you.


My role is that of a caring guide and companion. I possess a deep understanding of the inner terrain and my sole purpose is to support you on your journey.


Through highlighting patterns, fostering self-awareness, providing perspective, teaching practices, and sharing resources, I aim to gently encourage you to turn towards and embrace the tender places within yourself.

The culture often tells you to fight, avoid, or ignore difficult emotions such as fear, anger, shame, disappointment, and sadness.


Paradoxically, as you courageously face these challenging emotions, you create restorative space for peace, ease, and well being.


People have described feeling safe and accepted in my presence, as together we approach these aspects of ourselves with an open heart filled with compassion and humor.


I assist you in cultivating the elusive quality of presence in your mind, heart, and physical sensations.


We use tools such as the

  • Enneagram,
  • Body awareness, 
  • Contemplative practice,
  • The Pause
  • Integral Wisdom
  • Conscious Breathing  and
  • Cynthia Bourgault’s Four Voices of Discernment for Decision Making (ego/soul/spirit/heart)


Intention: An Intention helps your gain clarity of why you want to carve out this time for yourself.

Awareness: Awareness is about opening yourself to seeing things differently. Opening to awareness of your patterns and blindspots in yourself and relationships.

Practice: What we practice, we become.

For example, if you find that a 5 minute Pause Centering Practice was helpful in session, when you practice it outside of session and notice the impact.

Or, you may discover an Enneagram type pattern and commit to Pausing and breathing when you notice it and then choosing to shift your attentional and/or behavioral pattern.


I originally sought out Leslie to find out more about my Enneagram type. Little did I know what I actually yearned for was spiritual meaning and that our work together would set me on a path to self-transformation.

Leslie’s compassionate coaching and loving presence have helped me grow in ways I never expected.

During each session, she creates a safe space for me to explore my vulnerability—the gateway to intimacy.

As a result I’m able to connect with others and myself in a way that feels authentic and deeply satisfying.

Leslie’s soul-centered approach to the Enneagram is perfectly suited to anyone who feels called to dive deep and discover the person they were born to be.

Christina M.
Enneagram 3


The beauty of this process is that it is innately practical as it doesn’t require you to leave your life for meditation on a mountaintop or living in a hermitage.

It is woven into the fabric of your work life, your friendships, and family.

You may choose to let go of things that no longer serve your growing inner life or find yourself craving more alone time or retreats.

However, these counterpoints are carefully calibrated with an awareness of the limits of your time, energy, relationships, and inner and outer resources.

My clients come from as far away as Africa, South America,  Ireland, and Switzerland, as well as from as close as a mile from my office.

For out-of-town clients, we conduct our work over Zoom.

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