Meet the Team

Sue Jones

Do you need to:

  1. Schedule an appointment?
  2. Change your meeting time?
  3. Find out about retreats, workshops and out of town engagements?

Sue is warm, friendly and efficient and she’s happy to help.

She manages our administrative details and as an added bonus, she is a certified Enneagram teacher and has a solid understanding of the Enneagram. She is also certified in the Enneagram in Business and helps out at many of the workshops.

You schedule appointments with her, register for Panel Days, manage billing and meet her at our trainings.

She has found the Enneagram to be the most useful tool around when it comes to relationships and is passionate about walking the talk and applying her learnings to her life and relationships.

She works with small groups to help uncover the mystery of our own true nature and how we show up in the world.

Her current work includes facilitating adult study groups.  She is introduces the Enneagram to local high schools. She is a member of Enneagram Center of the Ohio Valley and the intentional Bergamo Enneagram Learning Community.


  • Certified Teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition with Helen Palmer and David Daniels’ Enneagram Professional Training Program.
  • Certified in the Enneagram in Business and Enneagram in Business Coach’s Training with Ginger Lapid-Bogda.
Niki Pappas

Niki Pappas conducts our stand-alone typing interviews. She is trained in the Narrative Enneagram tradition and has received her practitioner certification from TNE.

Niki has been focusing on wellness and spiritual growth for the past 10+ years, following a 20-year career in marketing research. Her endeavors have included certifications for holistic health coaching, yoga, Thai bodywork, and currently, the Enneagram.

Niki has been involved with The Hive since May 2018 as an eager class participant, facilitator, cohort guide, and, since May 2020, happy member of the Lead Team. Leading with Enneagram Type 4, Niki is committed to her own inner work and honored to offer and receive presence and compassion in all of her relationships.

Niki lives in OTR and is the mother of two amazing young men.

Cassandra Niehaus

Cassandra Niehaus is our project manager and creative connoisseur. You’ll find her organizing events, designing websites and materials, managing back end tech work, creating and coordinating social media posts and newsletters, and communicating with clients,

As a self-pres 4, Cass’ appreciation for beauty has strongly influenced her experiences and passions. With an education in graphic design, over a decade of experience in portrait and wedding photography, and delighting in fine art, Cass brings her creative eye to Leslie’s content. Part of the Doing Center, Cass takes Leslie’s thoughts and turns them into reality to serve and support our clients.

Cass (she/her) lives in Cincinnati with her partner and four furry family members.

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