Welcome to Your Inner Work: Private Sessions for Individuals

If you’re lucky, you are feeling a sense of disorientation as you cross this threshold. The old ways are no longer working.

Why is this so important?

It awakens you to your tenacious need for Power and Control, Safety and Security and Affection and Esteem….all things that keep you stuck in the self-protective ego with all its neuroses and obsessive need to control the external world without changing from the inside out.

One of the most powerful shocks of the Middle Passage is the collapse of our tacit contract with the universe–the assumption that if we act correctly, if we are of good heart and good intentions, things will work out.

We assume a reciprocity with the universe. If we do our part, the universe will comply. Many ancient stories, including the Book of Job, painfully reveal the fact that there is no such contract, and everyone who goes through the Middle Passage is made aware of it.

Aging itself does not bring wisdom. It often brings regression to childishness, dependency, and bitterness over lost opportunities. Only those who are still intellectually, emotionally, spiritually growing inherit the richness of aging.
― James Hollis, The Middle Passage: From Misery to Meaning in Midlife

Leslie is a practice based teacher and guide which is why she offers this commitment to 4 sessions. Intention, attention, repetition and guidance from a teacher are the 4 components that elicit meaningful sustained change.

Your practices won’t be designed to strengthen the fragile ego which gets kicked around during a life Threshold. Your practices are designed to support you in stepping into a new way of Being more suitable for this time in your life.

As you practice, new meaning comes online. Yet, like working out, if we cease practicing, old, stale meanings return. 

While we use the Enneagram in order to keep your head, heart and body and behaviors aligned, you ultimately are unique so the starting point is WHERE YOU ARE NOW.



Ask yourself these four questions:

  1. CHANGE: Am I at a place in my life where I feel a sense that something inside of me is in a significant transition? Do I feel like I’m ready for authentic connection, meaningful insight and sustained change?
  2. READINESS: Am I ready to self-reflect honestly and with an open heart and mind?
  3. COMMITMENT: Am I willing to stay the course for four sessions and do the practices? (Often, the Work brings us face to face with our Enneagram avoidances and we may find reasons to discontinue working on ourselves. So I ask you to commit to 4 sessions as people tend to experience significant shifts when they stay the course).
  4. TIMING: Do I have the time and energy to reflect between sessions and do the simple practices which help shift patterns and perspective?


You will be contacted by Sue Jones, my administrator. She will send you our Basic Protocol and send you a link to schedule your Enneagram typing interview and four sessions.



Whether you already know your Enneagram type or not, we begin with an online typing assessment. This 15–30-minute assessment gives you and Leslie insights to your Enneagram style along with patterns of other types that shape your perspective.

She will spend time reviewing your results during your first appointment through the lens of The Narrative Tradition and The Centers Approach.

The first session is 90 minutes. It includes learning our approach to the Enneagram along with a coaching session.
The following three sessions will be 60 minutes.

Enneagram teachings have the potential to be the most relevant powerful self development tool that you will ever encounter the potential for increased self-awareness and transformation is incredible. You will not find a better
teacher and guide than Leslie. I highly recommend working with her.

Teresa Westman,
Telluride, Colorado



The transformative process of Inner Work and behavioral change begins here. You grow in acceptance and self-compassion as you learn your patterns. As you commit, you identify your core intention and you begin to take ACTION and do the practices it takes to sustain your intention.

You are unique so your process is tailor made for you. Knowing your Enneagram patterns helps immensely.

If you’d like to continue to work with Leslie after your four initial sessions, you can schedule as needed.

Welcome to your Inner Work.

“It’s not about right belief; it’s about right practice. 

When a person is poised in all three centers, balanced and alertly there, a shift happens, a shift happens in consciousness. . . We are present, in the words of Wisdom tradition, fully occupying the now in which we find ourselves. This state of presence is extraordinarily important to know and taste in oneself.

For sacred tradition is emphatic in its insistence that real Wisdom can be given and received only in a state of presence, with all three centers of our being engaged and awake. Anything less is known in the tradition as ‘sleep’ and results in immediate loss of receptivity to higher meaning.”  Cynthia Bourgeault

NOTE: Due to an increasingly full schedule, Leslie is limiting sessions to clients who are ready to fully engage in this process, and no longer offers “stand alone” typing interviews without the commitment to the Coaching Process.

If you’d like to do a single typing interview, Leslie will refer you to one of our Narrative Enneagram trained associates.
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