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Courage of the Heart II
Transforming Fire:

Women Using Anger Creatively

Anger is a signal that’s worth our attention and respect. Yet women learn to silence, deny or vent it in a way that leaves us feeling powerless and disconnected. 

While anger is a normal emotion hardwired into our bodies most of us have few skills to consciously work with this creative energy.

Beginning October 7th, join us for Courage of the Heart II

In Courage of the Heart II, an online class, we open courageous space for women to face their social conditioning, their restricted understanding of healthy spirituality and their distinct experience as relates to experiencing anger in its many complex dimensions:

    • Cultural
    • Intellectual
    • Emotional
    • Physical
    • Spiritual

We explore this vital energy through the lens of:

    • Literature,
    • Poetry,
    • Psychology,
    • The Enneagram
    • The traditions of Christianity, Sufism, Judaism and Buddhism.

A spirituality of healthy anger directs the fire towards life-giving power, clarity and connection.

“We avoid the experience of anger through repression and discharge. Repression and discharge are two sides of the same coin. Both represent fear and anxiety, and for that reason, both trigger physiological stress responses regardless of what we consciously feel or do not feel.”

– Dr. Gabor Mate

Facilitated by Leslie Hershberger MA

Co-Facilitated by Dr. Sarah Pritts

Adjunct Associate Professor of Community and Family Medicine, University of Cincinnati College of Medicine



We love this powerful book, Transforming Fire: Women Using Anger Creatively by Kathleen Fischer. It was written in 1999 which surprised us as Fischer speaks to 2020 in ways she could have never imagined.

It is written for women but I’ve also shared this book with men because they too suffer from our lack of skillfulness in facing anger.

In this group, not only will you have the opportunity to dig into the gems of this book, insights from others who address anger,



Our Enneagram type and subtype impacts our anger triggers and responses. Learn yours from Leslie and each other. Practice observing them and insert your PAUSE practice.


Didn’t take the first Courage of the Heart? No worries. You will have access to the Maps that help you make sense of your experience. These include:

  • The Integral Quadrants (I, WE, IT, ITS)
  • The Law of Three
  • Stages of Faith/Adult Development

None are necessary, all are helpful.


You learn simple, doable practices that:

  • cultivate spiritual vitality (unmetabolized anger uses inordinate amount of energy),
  • loosen the holds of Enneagram anger patterns and
  • deepen your awareness of cultural biases
  • use this vital energy to do some simple creative exercises offered by Sarah and Leslie.


We loved the practical exercises in this book. I (Leslie) found them congruent in The Centers Approach Enneagram work I do with clients and groups.

I liked how the book addresses relevant contemporary issues around power and powerlessness. I’ve been working with people for years.

Their relationship with anger IS conditioned by societal messages about gender.

“Anger is a tool for change when it challenges us to become more of an expert on the self and less of an expert on others.

“Nothing, but nothing, will block the awareness of anger so effectively as guilt and self-doubt. Our society cultivates guilt feelings in women such that many of us still feel guilty if we are anything less than an emotional service station to others.”

Harriet Lerner


October 7, 21
November 4, 18
December 2


10 AM -12 PM ET on Zoom

Sessions will be recorded so if you can’t participate live, you can tune into the recorded sessions.

Cost: $150. No one is turned away due to financial constraints. Please contact [email protected] to set up a payment plan and/or decide on discounted price.

Participants of Courage of the Heart II found the live sessions and breakouts particularly helpful so if you can attend, we encourage you to join us.


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