I sat down with Susan and we talked about what we’d wished we’d known as leaders prior to learning our Enneagram type. Susan is an 8, The Protector.  Her attention goes to power and control, fairness and truth. Eights have an enormous amount of energy and like to make an impact.

While some 8s are more introverted and less inclined to speak out in a group and others are much more passionate and emotional assertive, they share something in common: they don’t want to be seen as weak. In fact, if they are feeling vulnerable or anxious, they actually “power up” and get more direct and controlling.

Their biggest avoidance is vulnerability…some really connect with the metaphor of a lion or bear getting bigger in order to protect their young.  There’s an innocence to people who lead with the 8 type structure. They’re often genuinely surprised if their directness has hurt or offended someone. They’re simply trying to get to the truth of the matter. Susan speaks to this in our conversation.

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