What does your Enneagram type idealize? This is a simple and insightful practices for self-observation.real-self

For instance, the Seven’s idealization is, “I’m ok.” This need to be okay, can extend to others who are important to the Seven.

When Sevens are caught in this idealization of taking responsibility for others being “ok,” it’s often rooted in resistance to facing their own fear or lack of trust in others’ ability to grow from life experience. If they control the situation, they don’t have to feel pain.

As you listen to this short video, consider how your idealization shows up in distinct ways for you. What does your type idealize and how does it play out for you?

(If you need some help in centering and grounding, I’ve got some meditations on iTunes for each of the types. They are grouped by the centers. Just search for Leslie Hershberger).

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