The Enneagram for Couples and Other Significant Partnerships:


It’s no secret that effective communication is essential to the health of your relationship.

This isn’t therapy. Rather, it’s an opportunity for the two of you to come in together and learn how your type patterns show up in your significant relationships. These relationships can include significant other partnerships, marriage partners, business partners, friends, siblings, parent/adult child.

Your Enneagram lens impacts how you communicate, engage in conflict and even hear how the other gives you feedback.

My goal is to highlight patterns that may be hard for you to see and then teach you simple ways to speak so your partner can hear you and listen so you can hear your partner.

Yet, it’s more than just speaking and listening. It’s learning to tune into something beyond what’s being said.

Couples experience significant “aha’s” in our sessions. It works like this:



Each person will do a private Enneagram typing interview and overview of your type in relationship for 60- 90 minutes. 

In the session, I’ll invite you into some gentle, but reflective self-inquiry for 50 minutes. I’ll be listening carefully for what goes on in your HEAD, HEART AND BODY.

(If you already are sure of your type, you will be focusing on relating patterns in this session).

After the interview, we’ll spend time in conversation unpacking your Enneagram style and how it impacts your relationships. You will leave with Awareness Practices which help you get to know yourself based on your Enneagram style.

You will share your story of how you communicate and how you hear your partner. What trips you up? What are your Groundhog Day conversations that drive you crazy because they’re so familiar and seem to have no end?

When have the two of you come alive and connected?

“The quality of our relationships determines the quality of our lives.”
• Esther Perel



In this 60 minute session, you flesh out nuances of your test and learn how your type plays out in relationship. You will learn your Dominant Center, Secondary Center, and Buried Center.

You will have access to a video interview of someone who represents your type sharing how they use their Enneagram understanding in relationship.

This is also the time to SHARE YOUR STORY of how you and your partner communicate. Leslie will listen, clarify and ask questions.

You will learn to observe not only your Enneagram thought patterns, but you’ll also learn your emotional repertoire. We all have one! Some of us are comfortable with angry emotions, but uncomfortable with fear, sad or glad emotions.

You will get some take home practices to support you using Leslie’s Feedback Tool so you can learn your core feedback triggers, blindspots and breathing techniques developed for your type.

You’ll also get helpful tips on how to give feedback to your partner given their Enneagram type.



Now, it’s time to bring your new insights to 2-90 minute sessions of conscious communication with your partner. This part requires intention, a spirit of curiosity and openness.

This is a time for slowing down.

You will learn to listen with your HEAD, HEART AND BODY. You’ll listen not only to what your partner is trying to say, but also for what’s happening underneath.

In each session, you’ll have time to ask questions, review your practices, share your insights.

•  •  •

Cost: $999. All sessions are with Leslie Hershberger.


  • 2 -90 minute Typing Experiences + Enneagram and Relationship overview for your type  (one for each person)
  • 2-60 minute Individual Sessions + Video of your type and Center in relationship  (one for each person)
  • 2-90 minute Partner Sessions Conscious, 3 Centered Presence communication sessions  (couples sessions)
  • Materials  packet including Enneagram and Relationships booklet, Feedback Tool, Pause card and more….these tools are so helpful!
  • Homework and take home practices to do with your partner, friend, parent, adult child

Sessions can be done in person or on Zoom! I’ve worked with a mother/daughter couple from two different countries so please ask if you need to be creative.

This work can also apply to friendships, siblings and parent/adult child relationships.

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