You can do this 10 minute meditation in your office with headphones when you notice your energy gets “amped up” or anxious. Be sure to focus on breathing downward as Sevens tend to have a lot of busy “upward” mental energy.

You can do this downward breathing during a meeting to calm yourself when you get fidgety or anxious.

My colleague, Peter O’Hanrahan also suggests you try the Relaxation Breath. He writes:

Sevens hate limits, and to be in the body is to experience limitation (as well as pleasure). Their somatic pattern is “up and out” rather than “down and in.”

Relaxing breath
Take big slow breaths down into your belly (not your chest). Imagine that you can go “underneath” any discomfort and gradually slow your system down. Send your energy down into your legs and feet. Even 5-10 of these breaths will make a big difference in calming the nervous system.

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