Our 5 Core Values

These values guide our work with our clients, our daily decisions and our interactions with one another.


  • Walk the talk.
  • Seek and face the truth even when it feels vulnerable.
  • Be honest, open and forthcoming.
  • Hold high standards of skills, knowledge and behavior.

Curiosity and Openness

  • Seek new ideas and approaches.
  • Be open to learning about new people, organizations and cultures.
  • Pursue self-awareness and interpersonal awareness.
  • When necessary, let go of the familiar.


  • Persevere amidst the pain and challenge of self-discovery.
  • Turn towards challenges with an open heart and mind.
  • In the face of fear, have the courage to act instead of react.
  • Care and stand up for what’s right given all the perspectives.
  • Hold the paradox of acceptance of where we are in this moment and choosing to grow and transform.


  • Grow in knowledge, seek to understand and recognize the limits of knowledge.
  • Grow in self-reflection and the capacity to see other perspectives.
  • Grow in compassion and empathy.
  • Grow from adversity.

Service and Stewardship

  • Continually learn and respond to our client’s needs.
    Provide follow through.
  • Meet our commitments.
  • Contribute to physical, emotional, spiritual and social health.
  • Improve and inspire communities and the global world.

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