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Team Transformation:
Project Consulting

Once you complete our training, we want the insights you received to last. Research shows that leadership development and employee engagement workshops have longer lasting effects when tied to a “real time project.”

Four Important Components to Generate Long Lasting Change*:

  1. Context is a critical component of employer and employee engagement and transformation. What’s going on in your world is unlike any other company. Here, you can link individual behavioral change to a project important to the functionality of your organization.
  1. Bring real time reflection to work: Practice offsite learning real time when under pressure. Learn the power of The Pause in order to change your interactions with team members and clients on the job.
  1. Continue to challenge habitual mindsets: Change rarely happens without the intention, awareness and adherence to the intention. We offer support and practices so you continue to see how your patterns play themselves out while you’re working.
  1. Measure results: Develop effective feedback protocols to measure the effectiveness of our program. Together, we monitor how you want to measure results to ensure your team is growing. This also deepens intention.

Project consulting is available only for those organizations who have completed a minimum of one full day of team training.

McKinsey Report, 2014


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