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Leslie Hershberger

LeslieBioLeslie is a consultant, writer, master teacher and facilitator guiding individuals and teams in the field of human transformation and practical change. She’s a visionary who has the uncanny ability to see and relate to most anyone from the perspective of their fullest, unrealized possibility.

She’s worked with hundreds of individuals, organizations and teams throughout the U.S. and in Europe. With an impressive depth of experience and knowledge, humor, soulfulness, and mastery, she intuitively sees patterns, multiple relationships and moving parts and skillfully applies appropriate interventions in order to elicit lasting transformation.

Her process is rooted in well-researched methods that support people in:

  1. Cultivating the crucial INTENTION to change,
  2. AWARENESS of habitual patterns
  3. ADHERENCE to practices that sustain change.

Neuroscience research confirms that people don’t sustain growth and change when they’re manipulated, mistrustful, afraid or feeling intimated. Many of Leslie’s clients say the way she gently guides people is something they’ve never experienced. She challenges people yet because of her empathy, approachability and her clear ability to see patterns and nuance, she offers a safe environment for clients to take a look at themselves, their relationships and the culture they’re creating with remarkable clarity.

She uses multiple tools in her work which include the Enneagram personality system (click here for info), Integral theory and the latest research in neuroscience.

Certifications, Degrees, Programs:

  • Certified teacher of the Enneagram Professional Training Program (EPTP)©
  • Certified coach in the Enneagram Narrative Professionals Track©
  • Certified Trainer in The Enneagram in Business©
  • Certified Coach and co-trainer in The Enneagram in Business Coaching Track©
  • Certification program in Integral Theory at JFK University
  • Master’s in Theological Studies at Xavier University, Cincinnati, Ohio
  • 12 year practitioner in the Bergamo Intentional Enneagram Learning Community (Leslie’s commitment to walking the talk is cultivated in this powerful, intentional community of coaches, consultants, master teachers, facilitators and practitioners who believe their own ongoing growth is an integral component in their lives and their work).

Boards and Associations:

  • Current board member, professional member and conference chair of the International Enneagram Association
  • Former board member and current member of the Enneagram Association in the Narrative Tradition
  • Enneagram Center of the Ohio Valley

Developer and facilitator of the following online courses:

  • Coming Home with internationally renowned philosopher Ken Wilber and David Riordan, VP of media for Integral Life©
  • Between You and Love: An Enneagram Course with Integral Life© and special guest, Helen Palmer
  • Patterns of Relating: An Enneagram Workshop DVD/download with internationally bestselling Enneagram author Helen Palmer, EPTP© faculty, Terry Saracino and Renee Rosario

Leslie lives in Loveland, Ohio with her husband, Dave. Together, they hang out with their three grown children and significant others and also their grandchild, Alejandro. They travel extensively and balance their travels between Leslie’s love of vibrant culture, cities, ancient ruins and monasteries and Dave’s love of trekking in the wilderness “where no human hath trod.”

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Sue Jones

Sue manages our administrative details and we have such appreciation that she is certified in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition as she has a solid understanding of the Enneagram and is also certified in the Enneagram in Business.

You schedule your appointments with her, register for Panel Days, manage your billing and meet her at our trainings.

She has found the Enneagram to be the most useful tool around when it comes to relationships and is passionate about walking the talk and applying her learnings to her life and relationships.

She works with small groups to help uncover the mystery of our own true nature and how we show up in the world.

Her current work includes facilitating adult study groups.  She is introduces the Enneagram to local high schools. She is a member of Enneagram Center of the Ohio Valley and the intentional Bergamo Enneagram Learning Community.


  • Certified Teacher of the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition with Helen Palmer and David Daniels’ Enneagram Professional Training Program
  • Certified in the Enneagram in Business and Enneagram in Business Coach’s Training with Ginger Lapid-Bogda.


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