Enneagram Typing Interview


Why do we use the Enneagram to help you develop Self Awareness? 


It helps you identify formerly hidden habitual mental patterns (you’ll be struck by the clarity!) EXAMPLE:  If your habit is to habitually pay attention to other people’s needs, you’re going to have to come face to face with your own avoided needs when yo start working with the Enneagram.


It identifies your core emotions that drive the pattern (We believe we can “control” our emotions. Emotions don’t quite work that way.)  EXAMPLE: If your habit is to pay attention to worst case scenario, you will eventually come face to face with your core fears that are driving this habit. You can’t “force” yourself not to feel fear. There ARE things you can do to manage it though.


Identifies the motivation underneath these habits. You discover that your habits are rooted in the natural human need for:

Power and control: EXAMPLE: Imagine a time when you feel like no matter how hard you try, you can’t control a situation that is important to you. You also may give away your power to others which is another, more subtle way of controlling the situation.

Safety and security EXAMPLE: You want to feel like you aren’t going to be surprised by something you can’t handle. It can be as simple as feeling stuck at a boring meeting or as complex as feeling afraid of all the feelings that will come if someone you love becomes ill.

Affection and esteem EXAMPLE: Consider a time when you want to someone to think well of you. We each “do” things we believe will help us make a connection. 


Given your level of awareness at any given time, your type has healthy and less healthy ways of expressing itself.

Awareness offers you the opportunity to choose your Actions consciously.

It’s different from other typing systems because:

BREAKS YOU OUT OF A BOX: It doesn’t box you in. Rather, it gives you tools to free you from the box you already are in. Many of us trained in the Enneagram are fully aware of the rich complexity of each human being and honor your uniqueness beyond type.

IT’S NOT WHAT YOU DO. IT’S WHY YOU DO IT: You don’t easily discover your type by taking a test (although online tests do exist, they are often inaccurate because the Enneagram types you from blind spots you often can’t see). This is why it is so powerful. It helps you see what you couldn’t see. You must PAUSE to see when you “go on autopilot.”

COMPASSION: You learn your type and you learn about others through a face-to-face interview and/or listening to a panel of exemplars as they answer questions and share their experiences. You deepen your understanding and compassion as you gain insight into other worldviews.

THREE CENTERED: It doesn’t all happen in the head! It identifies your mental, emotional and sensory/instinctive patterns which often affect your health and well-being.

LIKE ANYTHING WORTH LEARNING, IT REQUIRES PRACTICE: You learn “Pause Practices” which enable you to pause and identify patterns you choose to work with in order to grow in awareness of yourself and others.

Getting to the WHY:

It’s one thing to know who you are. We tend to learn that with life experience. Yet the Enneagram blew me away with its accuracy and its ability to get underneath our patterns to the “why’s.” This is where the rubber hits the road.


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