Imagine you’re a 4 and you tend to get swept up by strong feelings…would “growth” mean thinking on the bright side the way a 7 does?

Or if you’re a 7, should you dive into deep feelings of longing the way a 4 does in order to see what more essential things may be missing from your fast paced life and your jammed packed schedule?

Or, if you’re a 1 who can become rigidly attached to the “right” way of living,what is required for you to become more flexible and allow more fun and joy into your life? Should you plan a lot of “fun” things like a 7 in order to escape your relentlessly critical mind? Or is there another alternative?

It’s not really any of these. A PAUSE is required. An internal recalibration is needed. The calibration can’t just happen in your head as the head can get into a spin of thoughts. You need to bring all three centers online and actually be more fully present in your head, heart and body.

You can work with the three types in your Harmony triad.

You CAN use awareness that these three types carry a different energetic quality and you have all three available to you.

imgres-5This is rooted in a natural harmony between these three types. The 1/4/7 Triad are the Idealists of the Enneagram as they each hold a vision of the way the world could be in order for life and spirit to thrive.

They experience frustration that the world isn’t as it should be (1s seek a world where people and things run and operate the way they think it should be, 4s long for a world where nothing of substance is missing and 7s seek a stimulating, interesting world that is free of limits, boredom and physical/emotional/spiritual pain).

The energy patterns of the other types in your harmony triad can help you become more grounded in your ideals.

With intention and a shift of attention, the 4 can access the 7ish part of their pattern that is funny, optimistic and senses potential and possibility. As 4s deepen their awareness, they tend to take themselves less seriously much like a 7. They can also attend to ordinary tasks that are less interesting and meaningful as a 1 might do while sharing assertively what they think (as long as they don’t go on too long in an attempt to be understood).

With intention and a shift of attention, the 7 can slow themselves down and allow quiet time for internal reflection like a 4 which may put them in touch with painful, darker feelings that have much energy but are compulsively avoided. As they become more comfortable with a fuller spectrum of feeling, they are less escapist and can attend to details that are less interesting like a 1 and take time to do things precisely in a timely manner.

With intention and a shift of attention, the 1 can  experiment with spontaneity and possibility much like a 7 and do something without a hyper-organized plan. 7s also love to laugh and 1s are often drawn to the way a 7 can activate their silly switch. They can access their inner 4-like creative self and write, dance, paint as this allows them more freedom and expansion. In the creative realm, there is nuance and this helps the 1 shift their black and white thinking and allows them to open their heart.

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