Here is an 8 week program for helping you as you experience grief and loss.

Loss is a universal. No one is spared. Yet culturally, we’re remarkably ill equipped to deal with loss as there are so many avoidances, unchallenged myths and misunderstandings as relates to loss. Also, in a culture addicted to speed and success, we think we should be “over it.” We believe we need to “think positive” and “move on.”

Countless people are walking around with a sense of incompleteness due to a loss that altered their lives. Some of these losses happened years ago.

Losses can include:

  • Death of a parent or sibling at an early age
  • A significant person
  • A marriage or long term relationship
  • A family estrangement
  • Faith or trust
  • Job loss or change of career
  • Youth and vitality
  • Health
  • A move to another home or city
  • A myriad of other losses

I’ve seen the ways that incomplete losses impact a sense of wholeness, meaning, life and relationships. Often, we’re walking around with a broken heart and we don’t quite know how to navigate our way through it. Sometimes, we are numb to it and unaware of how it continues to impact our lives and relationships.

I’ve experienced a hefty share of personal loss and have walked the terrain of heartbreak and the cultural inadequacies for dealing with loss and grief. In the last 20 years, I’ve found helpful streams of support as my family and I moved through loss.

With this in mind, I am offering an individualized 8-week program to support you in finding meaning, completion and resiliency in the face of loss.

This program requires a strong commitment and a deep level of intention so be sure you have the time and energy to make a commitment.  

The program includes:

  • readings between sessions
  • homework
  • a folder with helpful resources, poems, assignments.
  • your own personal journal
  • guided meditations
  • short videos in between sessions teaching some of the core elements in the program
  • three centered (head, heart and body) integration as you move through the program

This program will focus on helping you create a sense of meaning and completeness in the face of so much left unsaid and undone. You will be given tools to support you in developing resiliency. You will also learn the Enneagram, a remarkable tool for self-awareness, emotional awareness and interpersonal understanding.

If you don’t know your Enneagram type, you will need a typing interview. Understanding your type patterns will help you understand your core defenses and gifts in moving through loss. A typing interview is part of the program.

  • Cost: $999
  • Time Commitment:
    • Eight 60-90 minute sessions with Leslie Hershberger,
    • 30-60 minutes of homework between sessions,
    • short video teachings between select sessions.
    • Daily meditations. (Leslie offers resources).

Skype sessions available. Sessions scheduled between 8:00 AM-6:00 PM. No weekend sessions available.

For more information: Email Sue Jones at: [email protected]

Space is limited so enroll early in order to ensure you can be scheduled as soon as possible.

If this isn’t in your budget or you prefer to group peer support, there are many worthwhile programs offered by Hospices and Cancer Family Care and these are free programs funded by Hospice.  I personally recommend the following due to personal experience with the professionals:

The Grief Recovery Program

Cancer Support Community (One of their professionals, Sarah Headley, is a certified Enneagram teacher)

With that said, there are countless of worthy grief support groups funded by hospices and private organizations in your geographic area.

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