Enneagram Typing Interview

TYPING INTERVIEWS are only available to those able to commit to a minimum of four sessions of coaching or spiritual guidance. Individual typings are also part of our group corporate packages.

One exception: Leslie does single typing interviews for family members of committed clients without asking the family member to commit to the 4 sessions.

This initial typing interview is 90 minutes.  In the session, I invite you into a self-inquiry for 50 minutes. As you share, she pays attention to:

  • Thought patterns…what you say, how you talk about your experience, your attentional patterns
  • Emotional patterns…what is the quality of energy as you share your inner experience
  • Sensory/bodily clues…what are facial expression? gestures? voice tone? other non-verbal cues?

After the questioning, she spends 40 minutes sharing her observations while allowing you to share whether her observations were congruent with how you understand yourself.

You will also receive a copy of The Essential Enneagram by David Daniels M.D./Virginia Price.

If you cannot commit at this time, be sure to check back for dates for local Panel Days and classes. Panels are another way of discovering your Enneagram style.

The Enneagram is different from other typing systems because:

  • You don’t discover your type by taking a test (although online tests do exist, they are often inaccurate). You learn your type through a face-to-face interview and/or listening to a panel of exemplars as they answer questions and share their experiences, motivations and behaviors.
  • As you work with and listen to others, you gain invaluable insight into others and your relationships. You also deepen your understanding and compassion as you gain insight into the complexity of other worldviews.
  • It’s a constellation of energy patterns meaning as you learn your type, you learn your body’s responses to your mental and emotional patterns.
  • It doesn’t box you in. Rather, it gives you tools for self-management which loosen the grip from the box you are already in. Many of us trained in the Enneagram are fully aware of the rich complexity of each human being and honor your uniqueness. You are not your type. Rather, you have a type structure you can observe.
  • It’s developmental. People who work with the Enneagram, report significant, identifiable changes in themselves and their relationships and some Enneagram schools identify observable, developmental trajectories.
  • It’s not the byproduct of psychology. Rather, it’s been developed through a long, oral tradition of real people who reflect upon their own inner patterns. With that said, prestigious academic universities like Harvard and Stanford embrace the Enneagram.

I’ve seen countless Personality Profiles, but the Enneagram impressed me with its accuracy and its honoring of our human complexity.


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