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The Enneagram is a powerful portal into understanding yourself and others. It maps out the structure, patterns of energy and dynamics of 9 personality types.

Many say that as they read about the type patterns, listen to panels of people speaking from their point of view and learn the gifts and compulsions of their type, they see themselves and others with greater awareness and compassion.

Read the descriptions of the 9 types, listen to the video on each page and begin the process of discovering your type. You can also find more of Leslie’s videos on YouTube.

Leslie is trained in the Enneagram in the Narrative Tradition© which simply means we ask people to share their own personal stories speak from their own experience while being interviewed by trained facilitators.

We use a “Three Centered Method” which means we consider:

Head: Your primary cognitive habit.
Heart: Your primary emotional habit.
Body: Your energy patterns. Your breathing. Your physical sensations when experiencing familiar habits of thought and emotion. This is called “somatic awareness.” Somatic awareness is something children feel naturally but adults often forget as we learn to focus heavily on our minds. So, we learn to simply become aware of the physical responses in our bodies in order to work with these sensations consciously as a way of relaxing and being more receptive in relationship with ourselves and others.

We teach you to observe your patterns with an “Inner Observer” which can notice the patterns and make choices that are less habitual and more conscious.


An Integral approach is a model developed by philosopher Ken Wilber which invites a client to step outside of their perceptions and look at them from multiple perspectives.

Invisible/Visible: Values, beliefs and culture (invisible), Strategies, behaviors and goals (visible).

Types: Enneagram patterns and the masculine and feminine brain.

Levels of Development: Growing in complexity

Inner State: With an Inner Lookout, you can manage your outer reactions by training your “Inner State.”

Challenge your beliefs about the yourself and world. After all, your worldview is true…but partial. 


Access your body’s wisdom as you learn how to relate, stand, feel and act.

We help you shift your state so you can respond more skillfully and unite body, mind, emotion and spirit.

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