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Research suggests that leaders who are “self-aware” AND have the capacity to center themselves under pressure
are up to four times more effective in managing change
than people who are unaware and reactive.

(McKinsey Leadership Development Practice: 2014)

Our workshops are designed for teams to identify the inner dynamics and drivers that propel choices and behaviors. Participants describe the workshops as effective, illuminating and insightful with exercises that can be applied immediately in a work setting. Most everyone tells us how they apply the insights of the Enneagram and the workshop itself in their personal lives too.

The quality of results produced by any system depends on the
quality of awareness from which people in the system operate.

In the trainings, you practice working with a whole new level of awareness as you discover what drives you and your co-workers. You also learn to:

  • Understand and practice different styles of communicating
  • Identify your “triggers” and manage conflict more effectively
  • Identify and practice remarkably different ways of giving and receiving feedback
  • Identify your strengths and derailers in collaborating with team members

You waste far less time in interpersonal drains on time and energy and more time innovating, creating and collaborating with people different from you who bring different skill sets to the table.

Calm yourself under pressure.

Calm yourself under pressure.

We don’t stop there. It’s not enough to understand your inner dynamics because you have to deal with the day to day stressors of a fast paced, changing environment.

We teach you a simple way to calm and center yourself when you start reacting in habitual ways that are unproductive for you and your team.

As you develop awareness and a growing ability to shift from reactivity, you choose different actions and you’ll notice you begin holding yourself and others to an interesting mix of a higher level of accountability and compassion for yourself and others.

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Our Process:

We help you bring remarkably accurate AWARENESS of these patterns to you and valuable team members.

We are dedicated to TRANSFORMING TEAMS  by teaching and facilitating you in our process for:


Learning nuance and developing these skills real time is transformational and can create long term, high impact organizational change.

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