From the blog, On Being: “I saw a dear friend a few days ago. I stopped by to ask her how she was doing, how her family was. She looked up, voice lowered, and just whimpered: “I’m so busy… I am so busy… have so much going on.” Almost immediately after, I ran...

Heart Types: How Do Your Co-Workers See You?

Knowing your Enneagram patterns gives a glimpse into what others see, but may not be saying. by Leslie Hershberger Sometimes, it’s hard for people to tell us the hard stuff. Or, if they do, it’s hard to be receptive to what they are saying. Below, I list...

Embrace Your Inner Contradictions

A love letter to all of you who embark upon the inner work of awareness and excavation of your own unique soul. (Be sure to read it with an Irish accent as it is from beloved teacher, John O’Donohue:) “We should allow the different sides of what is contradictory...


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