RED ZONE behaviors lack creativity, generosity and heart as they are grounded in the fight/flight/freeze response. The tricky thing is that RED ZONE behaviors are primal and biology based. They're normal and part of the human condition. Yet, what if they become...

Does One Enneagram Type Display More Narcissism?

Recently, in a Facebook comment, someone wrote: “8s sound narcissistic!” Are some types more narcissistic than others? In traditional Enneagram literature, 3s and 7s are often identified as narcissistic. While this has some truth, I’ve been working in the business long enough to see that narcissism cuts across all types on the Enneagram. I’ve seen 3s, 7s and 8s who don’t display much narcissism.

The Enneagram at New Riff Event Center

Mark your calendars: If you've been wanting a brief, engaging introduction to the Enneagram, you're invited to New Riff Event Center where I'm presenting an intro as part of their speaker series. We'll be looking at how you and those around you show up in...

Relaxation Meditation

This 22 minute meditation is called a "Body Scan." If you're a high energy Enneagram type like a 3, 7, or 8, this may be hard for you at first. 6s sometimes feel anxiety when they slow down and Heart types might feel like this is a waste of time or feel anxious...

A Conversation with a Type 8 Leader

I sat down with Susan and we talked about what we'd wished we'd known as leaders prior to learning our Enneagram type. Susan is an 8, The Protector.  Her attention goes to power and control, fairness and truth. Eights have an enormous amount of energy and like to make...


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